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History-present days

In 1931 in Leningrad the institute Giproazotmash has been created to provide the chemical industry with the equipment and, thereby, to strength defensibility of the country. Works on creation of the equipment which works under a high pressure at low temperatures, were spent there, and they have laid a way to development of low temperatures technics  in our country. In 1946 Leningrad affiliated societies on the basis of Giproazotmasha has been organized, and in 1965 it has been transformed to the independent organization - "LenNIIhimmash" that promoted its fast development,  quantitative and qualitative growth.

Accurate specialization was defined: reactors and polymerization reactors, equipment for low temperatures gas division and clearings of gas mixes, apparatus with mixing devices, furnaces for chemical manufactures, large piston compressors and installations. At this time the first domestic ethylene compressor of ultrahigh pressure on 1500 - 2000 атм has been created. The first domestic production of a high pressure polyethylene had been completed with compressors of this kind. "LenNIIhimmash" was one of the first institutes in the branch who has started to deliver the complete processing lines. Large-capacity units ЭП-300 on reception of ethylene which were created by the institute successfully work at Lisichansk NPZ in Ukraine, at Tomsk NHP, at factories in Novopolotsk, Belarus and at the plant of a high pressure polyethylene in Leuna Werke, Germany.

In seventies years one of the important lines of activity of the institute was working out the project of large-capacity unit of natural gas refining with poor helium content (0,055 %) which productivity was 3 billion m3/year on processed gas (1,5 million m3/year on helium) with extraction helium concentrate from it, ethane and wide fraction of light hydrocarbons for Orenburg helium plant.

The head of this unique on complexity engineering problems installation was the talented engineer, the general designer of helium installations of the Ministry of chemical mechanical engineering Igor Leonidovich Andreev. He created more than 25 inventions protected by copyright certificates of the USSR during working out of the difficult process equipment. In 1977 enormous efforts of the labor collectives which were taking part in the building of Orenburg helium plant, have been finished with input into operation a system of the first installation of I turn.  The group of employees of the institute has been awarded with  the State prize.

Contacts to foreign firms extended. Complete processing lines for extraction, drying, forming and packing of synthetic rubbers have been put to China, India and Bulgaria. The equipment for processing of nickel concentrates was put to Turkey and to Cuba. Working out and delivery of process equipment was carried out within the international projects and cooperation with firms "Power Gas", "John Brown" etc., and also with firms and organizations of Germany, India, Czechia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Sweden, Finland and the CIS countries.

Years of intense work of all experts working at institute at various times, have allowed the institute to take in the lead positions in various branches of domestic mechanical engineering and to achieve the international recognition. In 1993 ЛЕННИИХИММАШ became joint-stock company, and in 2002 – limited liability company. In 2003 ten floor engineering-laboratory building of Sea factory "Almaz" has been purchased for the further development of both the institute on the whole and its laboratory-bench and industrial base.

Modern "LenNIIhimmash" is an engineering company which aspires to correspond to level of a company of the international sample, which is capable to execute all spectrum of works on realization EPC/EPCM  contracts.