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History-present days

In 1931 Giproazotmash institute was established in Leningrad to provide chemical industry with the necessary equipment, thus improving the national defense capability. Engineering of high-pressure equipment operating at low temperatures resulted in the development of cryogenic engineering in our country.

Leningrad branch of NIIhimmash was established in 1946 based on Giproazotmash, and in 1965 it became an independent company – LENNIIHIMMASH, which contributed to its prompt development, expansion and improvement. The company’s field of expertise became specific and included reactors, polymerization reactors, low temperature gas separators and purification units, equipment with mixers and agitators, chemical plant furnaces, large reciprocating compressors and units. At that period of time the first domestic ethylene compressor of ultra-high pressure of 1500-2000 atm. was produced.

The first domestic facilities producing LDpolyethylene were equipped with such compressors. LenNIIhimmash was one of the first institutes in the industry to supply the complete process lines. Large-capacity EP-300 ethylene recovery units engineered by the institute have been operating successfully at Lisichansk GPP, Ukraine and Tomsk Petrochemical Complex; and LDpolyethylene production units successfully operate at the plants in Novopolotsk, Belarus, and Leuna Werke, Germany.

One of the most important lines of work of the institute in the 1970s was engineering of a large refining unit for natural gas with low helium content (0,055%) with capacity of 3 billion m3/year of refined gas (1,5 million m3/year of helium) with recovery of helium concentrate, ethane and LPG for Orenburg Helium Plant.

Engineering of this unique facility was managed by Igor L. Andreev – a talented engineer and principle designer of helium units of the Ministry of Chemical Mechanical Engineering. Development of this complex process equipment resulted in 25 inventions protected by copyright certificates issued in the USSR.

In 1977 the enormous effort of the people involved in the construction of Orenburg Helium Plant led to start-up of the first unit of the 1st phase. The contribution of the group of the company’s employees was recognized with national awards.

Number of contacts with foreign companies kept increasing. Complete process lines for synthetic rubber recovery, drying, forming and packing were supplied to China, India and Bulgaria; equipment for nickel concentrate processing unit was supplied to Turkey and Cuba. Process equipment was designed and delivered by the company within the international projects in cooperation with such companies as Power Gas, John Brown and others, including companies from Germany, India, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Sweden, Finland and CIS countries. Years of hard work of all the specialists working for the company at different times allowed the company to become a leader in various fields of domestic mechanical engineering, and led to its international recognition.

When the USSR collapsed, the company’s leaders managed to keep its team of specialists and the main lines of work, ensure the continuity of generations and upgrade engineering services provided and update the range of works performed. In 2003 the company purchased a 10-storey engineering and laboratory building of Almaz Marine Plant for further development of its laboratory and engineering base.

Currently the institute is a multidisciplinary engineering company providing research, design, fabrication and turnkey supply of equipment, complete process lines and entire plants.

An advanced propane-butane recovery unit with capacity of 3.0 billion m3/year of natural gas designed by LENNIIHIMMASH specialists was commissioned in 1997 in Karshi, Uzbekistan. The 3rd and the 4th phases of UDP Shurtanneftegaz were successfully commissioned in 2008 allowing for refining of additional 6.0 billion m3/year of gas. Currently these facilities operate at the design rate. Thus, three process lines operating at the plant were designed by our company and one more line was provided based on LENNIIHIMMASH original.

In 2005 the detailed design of reconstruction of the Helium Block No. 1 at the first phase of Orenburg Helium Plant was completed.

In 2006 the engineering design of Sayansky Helium Plant for helium recovery from natural gas from Kovyktinsky field in the Eastern Siberia was completed, thus reviving the traditional field of the company’s expertise, which is helium recovery from natural gas.

The most important event of July 2006 was the start-up of APG refining unit engineered by the company with capacity of 3.0 billion m3/year of gas at OAO Surgutneftegaz. The recovered market products include methane fraction, technical propane-butane, LPG and stabilized natural gasoline.

The company’s specialists developed energy-saving APG separation method with the use of turbo expanding assembly (TEA) (Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2225971 dated March 20, 2004).

The company also developed detailed design documentation for ZAO Severorgsintez gas processing plant for Eastern Urengoy and Northern Esetinsky oil and gas condensate fields. The plant was being constructed together with the engineering works, and the equipment was also designed, fabricated and supplied by our company.

The significant event of October 2010 was the start-up of the process line of Gubkinsky GPC designed by the company with capacity of 2.0 billion m3/year of the feed gas with LPG recovery at OAO SiburTyumenGaz. The company developed design and detailed design documentation, process regulations and delivered major process equipment, valves, DCS and instrumentation within this project. The unit constructed on the basis of the design of LENNIIHIMMASH Group enables the plant to recover additional 150 thousand/year of LPG. As the result of the project execution, recovery of the target fractions from APG increased up to 99% for the entire plant.

The process line of Southern-Balyksky GPP, OAO SiburTyumenGaz was started in September 2012. Its capacity was 2.0 billion m3/year of gas with recovery of the ethanized LPG. As part of the project LENNIIHIMMASH Group provided the following services: general design, designer’s supervision, supply of materials and equipment above “zero” and commissioning. Within the project for improving of LPG recovery at Southern-Balyksky GPC the recovery factor of the market products for this line increased up to 99.5%.

In December 2012 a process line of Vyngapurovsky GPP, OAO SiburTyumenGaz was started. Its capacity was 2.4 billion m3/year with recovery of ethanized LPG. LENNIIHIMMASH Group specialists developed the design and detailed design documentation for this plant, and also supplied all the process equipment and materials above ”zero”. The recovery factor of the market products totals 99.5% under this project.

In 2011-2012 specialists of LENNIIHIMMASH Group developed a project for construction of condensate stabilizer with capacity of 5.5 million tons/year and a project for construction of gas cooling station with capacity of 15 billion std. m3/year and deethanization compressor station with capacity of 900 million std. m3/year at the Eastern Urengoy license block of ZAO ROSPAN INTERNATIONAL (OAO TNK-BP Holding). These projects were approved by Russian state expert committee (Glavgosexpertiza).

The company continued improving their design and fabrication methods for heat exchangers, tanks and vessels, including air coolers and started producing highly efficient louver-type separators; the compressor equipment park was revamped; the state standards for heat exchangers, including air coolers and compressors were developed. The company also developed a number of methods for technical diagnosis to determine the equipment remaining life. The company is working on production of highly accurate rupture disks for safety valves, including rupture disks with fluoroplastic and metal corrosion-resistant coating. With the help of a high-tech laser jet is used for blind thinning of rupture disks.

Recently LENNIIHIMMASH Group has been vigorously developing its procurement line of business. Consisting of multifunctional divisions, the company issues technical and commercial proposals for turnkey delivery of the equipment, inspection and acceptance of the equipment at the manufacturer; issuance of equipment passports and all the required permits based on the basic engineering design data. This allows for significant reduction of commissioning time and, subsequently, for the increase of the investments return rate. Many projects, developed by the company’s specialists, contain new engineering solutions recognized as inventions and utility models and have patents issued in the Russian Federation.

A good example of execution of such projects is fruitful cooperation of LENNIIHIMMASH Group with OAO Kazanorgsintez. Since 2005 the company has been the general supplier of equipment for reconstruction of the HDpolyethylene producing and processing plant and the Ethylene plant, as well as for construction of Bisphenol-A and Polycarbonates plants of OAO Kazanorgsintez.

Currently all divisions of LENNIIHIMMASH Group use 3D design, thus significantly increasing work pace and quality of document issuance.

Being an expert company licensed by Rostekhnadzor, LENNIIHIMMASH Group is vastly experienced in the field of industrial safety expert review. The company has a certified testing laboratory which allows performing all works to obtain certificates of compliance, as well as permits to use technical equipment at hazardous industrial facilities.

The company has licenses and permits for all types of the performed works issued by the Federal Agency for Construction, Housing and Utilities Sector and Rostekhnadzor, as well as the certificate of accreditation in the field of expert review.