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Policy in the quality sphere

Certificated system of quality management is introduced and operates in GC LENNIIHIMMASH. Certificated system of quality management is developed according to requirements ИСО 9001:2000 and intended for realization of organization activity according to the organization status and for meeting consumers requirements in the implementation of works  which should  correspond to statutory and regulatory quality requirements  on the basis of process approach and constant improvement.




GC LENNIIHIMMASH develops the production and rendering service at the highest scientific,  technical and competitive level that provides for the customers  possibility to go about problems  of   increasing complexity.

Policy in the field of quality of GC LENNIIHIMMASH is the aspiration of the top management to support high organizational and qualifying level of Society activity, providing the greatest possible satisfaction of Customers requirements  regarding designing of technological blocks and plants, workings out, manufacturing and delivery of the process equipment, carrying out of examination of industrial safety and certified tests of the equipment of dangerous industrial objects. Mentioned above is made at strict conformity with requirements of standard technical documentation.

Our  strategic goal:

- To obtain complete satisfaction and let know beforehand expectation and requirement of the Customer by timely and qualitative performance contract and treaty obligations;

- To reserve of leadership in the field of oil, gas and chemical mechanical engineering, providing expansion of subjects of works and a number of customers at the expense of application of structurally new technical decisions, innovative technologies and the superiority over competitors on an indicator "price-quality".

For achievement of these purposes we intend to be guided by following principles:-

- constant improvement of activity of the Society to that promotes introduced and maintained in working order System of quality management that is reflected in increase of productivity and efficiency of carried out works;

- understanding of current and future requirements of the consumers with in an constant attempt to surpass their expectation, which are based on the deep analysis of the information, scientific, engineering and inventive creativity, high qualification of the personnel;

- reservation and maintenance of corporate culture: mutual respect, honesty, activity and responsibility, a susceptibility for new ideas and an exchange of knowledge when workers can be completely involved in the decision of the problems put by the Society;

- the development of mutually beneficial cooperation with the partners and suppliers on the basis of increase of mutual responsibility and forward planning.

Safety and quality is a natural part of our industrial activity.

At execution of the concluded contracts We observe all Laws, requirements of standard documents; we carry out all standards, orders, theses and instructions of Society .

We bear responsibility in a matter of reliability maintenance, safety of developed facilities and the equipment and that provides safety of maintenance staff labor, protection of environment and material values.

High-quality and highly effective work is a guarantee of our competitiveness in the future. It can be reached with active participation of all our employees by the expense of increase in labor productivity, modernization, improvement of professional skill of experts and incessant search of new possibilities.

            We put the accurate industrial purposes for ourselves and bring them for the information of all employees.

            We provide all resources necessary for achievement of these purposes in sufficient volume.        

            We regularly analyze our activity, degree of the purposes achievement, a management system and quality assurance.