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Quality Management Policy

LENNIIHIMMASH Group has been successfully applying a certified quality management system developed in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

The company’s employees fulfill their duties in line with the generally recognized principles and goals set by the professional business community with respect to the conformity assessment, including such criteria as competence, unbiased approach, good will, confidentiality and transparency, as well as in compliance with the international and national regulatory documents containing requirements to the object under conformity assessment.

The strategic goal of LENNIIHIMMASH Group is satisfaction of the client’s needs to the greatest possible extent in the following fields:

  • design, fabrication and procurement of certain types of equipment, process blocks and units;
  • integrated design and furnishing of equipment for plants on a turnkey basis;
  • industrial safety expert review of technical equipment at hazardous facilities in chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas processing industries.

To achieve the above goal it is essential for the company to pursue quality management principles based on the best international practices of industrially developed countries that are being used in Russia.

In view of the above principles, the company’s management confidently declares that identifying and meeting consumer’s needs (requests) is their top priority.

The company’s strategic goals are as follows:

  • each employee shall be responsible for the quality of their work and shall carry out their duties in good faith;
  • all the company’s divisions shall contribute to improvement of the product quality;
  • each employee performing works at operational process stage shall consider the employee working at the next stage as their client;
  • each workplace shall meet high industrial standards to ensure quality of the performed work.

To implement the quality policy the company’s management laid down the main guidelines:

  • improving of the company’s efficiency and competitive performance with due consideration of interests of the clients and personnel;
  • systematic analysis of current and potential future requirements and expectations of the clients, their satisfaction with the company’s products and services;
  • complying with and constantly improving the quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015 with risk-oriented approach thereto;
  • training and competence development of personnel on a regular basis;
  • mastering new working techniques and improving the existing ones;
  • acquiring new materials, machinery and equipment;
  • fulfilling contractual obligations in full scope and in a timely manner;
  • establishing mutually beneficial relations with subcontractors based on trust and partnership.