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Evgeny A. Bessonny

Evgeny Anatolevich Bessonny, Ph.D., General Director of the engineering company "Group of Companies "LENNIIHIMMASH” (St.-Petersburg).

He worked in the Scientific and technical center of the oil and gas equipment of "LENNIIHIMMASH” company",  carried out a number of engineering projects, including working out of the unique equipment for the plants "Bisfenol-A” and "Polycarbonates" of  "Kazanorgsintez" JSC, the propane-butane mix reception units by productivity of 3 billion m3/year for "Surgutneftegaz" JSC.

He put into practice a number of innovative decisions at designing and construction of the gas-processing plant by productive gas capacity of 3 billion m3/year and two units on APG processing by productive capacity of 2 billion m3/year by each line for "SIBURTYUMENGAS" JSC.

He supervised over the works on development of new directions: the creation of the polycrystalline silicon reception manufacture for "Nitol" company in «Usolye-Siberian Silicone» LLC, the manufactures of highly effective separation devices and high-quality membrane safety devices.  

Hу has  more than 16 tractates and 4 patents of the Russian Federation for inventions. He is awarded by a medal “In memory of the 300 anniversary of St.-Petersburg” for fruitful work.