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Gubkinsky GPK JSC

Gas refining unit № 2  with turboexpander at industrial site of Gubkinsky GPK JSC
The unit constructed under the LENNIIHIMMASH project will allow the plant to produce in addition to 150 thousand tons of light hydrocarbons wide fraction annually. As a result of implementation of the project  extraction of desired fractions from associated oil gas  has increased to 99 %.
Producing capacity is 2 bln.m3/year of hydrocarbon gas
Executed works: Development of design and working documentation, engineering support and equipment delivery, support assembly and commissioning works, designer supervision.
Column equipment–1 pcs.
capacitive equipment –5 pcs.
Heat exchanging equipment –  2 pcs.
Air cooling equipment – 9 pcs.
Turboexpansion machine – 1 pcs.
Pump equipment – 4 pcs.
Industrial regulating, stop, safety fittings – 268 pcs.
Instrumentation – 144 pcs.
APCS – 1 pcs.
Analyzing equipment – 28 pcs.