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Completed projects >  Gubkinsky Gas Processing Plant

Gubkinsky Gas Processing Plant

OAO SibuTumenGaz

Customer: OAO SibuTumenGaz
Work description: Gas Processing Unit No. 2; Low-temperature condensation unit and external equipment. Reconstruction at the industrial site of Gubkinsky GPP
Types of works performed: carrying out functions of General designer, development of design and detail documentation, receipt of approval issued by Glavgosexpertiza of Russia, delivery of process equipment and materials above and below zero, designer’s supervision over construction, carrying out of installation works and commissioning, start-up of the facility with further ramp-up, achievement of qualitative and quantitative indicators of market products;
Capacity: 2,0 bln m3/year;
Year: 2009-2010;

Recovery factor C3+99%

Inlet of the unit:
2 bln m3/year of hydrocarbon gases
P 1.7-1.9 MPag, 30-40°C
Contents of target components 100 g/std.m3

Outlet of the unit:
Dry stripped gas
Р 1.37 MPag, 45°C
1,92 bln m3/year
Natural gas liquids
Р 5.5 MPag, 20-40°C
146.18 ths. t/year
Contents of target components 2 g/std. m3

The unit is fully developed in 3D model, including construction, equipment designing and architectural part.
LENNIIHIMMASH Group carried out delivery of all process equipment. Static equipment is manufactured at Russian enterprises.
Dynamic equipment, valves, instrumentation and automated process control system are supplied from world brands proved themselves in the field of quality.

The following has been supplied:

  • Column equipment – 1 pce.
  • Vessel equipment – 5 pcs.
  • Heat exchanging equipment – 2 pcs.
  • Air coolers – 9 pcs.
  • Turbo-expander – 1 pce.
  • Pumping equipment - 3 pcs.
  • Industrial control, shutoff, safety valves – 268 pcs.
  • Instrumentation - 144 pcs.
  • Automated process control system – 1 pce.
  • Analytical equipment for 28 pcs.


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