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Completed projects >  Surgutneftegas. Nitrogen furnace protection

Surgutneftegas. Nitrogen furnace protection

OAO Surgutneftegaz

Customer: OAO Surgutneftegaz
Work description: Automation system of gas processing and compression units No. 1, 2 of Gas processing directorate of OAO Surgutneftegaz (Nitrogen furnace protection system)
Types of works performed: design and detail documentation development, passing of expert review, process equipment delivery, designer’s supervision over construction, carrying out of pilot testing
Capacity: 4.2 bln m3/year
Year: 2003-2005

Nitrogen furnace protection includes:

  • Outdoor gas curtain;
  • Indoor gas extinguishing;
  • Products evacuation for avoiding of their thermal decomposition and coking of furnace tubes in case of tubes damage (burn-out).

Technical nitrogen is used as inert gas in the system.
Nitrogen is fed to gas protection systems from receivers, where it is stored under pressure of 52 atm.
Continuous nitrogen curtain is taken as outdoor gas curtain for protection of three sides of furnaces. Units for formation of nitrogen curtain are presented by U-shaped tube header, along axes of which holes of equal diameter are drilled with regular spacing.

Height of the protected zone – 5 m
Switching on of outdoor gas curtain is done remotely.
Internal extinguishing system of process furnaces is based on reduction of oxygen consistency in combustion space of the furnace due to feeding of inert gas (nitrogen).
Nitrogen furnace protection system of UPG-1, UPG-2 meets the current level in terms of mechanical and material design, ensures safety, reliability of the usage and corresponds to the requirements of current Russian regulatory documents.

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