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Surgutbeftegas JSC


CUSTOMER:Surgutbeftegas JSC
Producing capacity: 3 bln.m3/year on initial gas
Executed works: Development of design and working documentation.
Raw hydrocarbons:
                Associated petroleum gas
      Р 3,57 МPа (abs),
      Content of goal components in raw gas,
         93 gr./ м3
      Received products:
      Treated gas –
      2,83 billion. м3/year
         According to ГОСТ5542-87,
      Content of goal components in raw gas,
         4 gr./ м3
      Propane and butane mix technical–
         132,7 thous. т/year
         According to ГОСТ 20448-90
      Light hydrocarbons wide spread -
         20,8 thous. т/year
          According to ТУ 38.101524-93
         Stable natural gasoline –
       47 thous. т/year
          According toТУ 39-1340-89
УПГ 3 is more compact unit and it has less power consumption against foreign analogs.
УПГ 3 is put into operation in June 2006 and left on designed capacity.