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Group of Companies “LENNIIHIMMASH”

Group of Companies “LENNIIHIMMASH”

Group of Companies “LENNIIHIMMASH” corresponds to the level of a western sample сompany, which is able to execute all spectrum of works on realization of EPC/EPCM contracts and has a wide experience in working out of projects both of systems of hydrocarbon gas complex preparation and of process lines of natural and associated oil gas deep refining and also gas refining plants with reception of a wide spectrum of commodity products such as light hydrocarbons wide fraction, propane-butane, individual hydrocarbons, ethane and helium.

Effective technology which we developed is based on use of internal refrigerating cycles which basically is used without application of the refrigerating system but with application of the turboexpander unit on the main gas flow. This technology has the lowest power consumption to 0,5 Mvt, and also special heat exchange equipment (with twisted pipes). Above allows to receive to 10-15 thousand м2 surfaces in a single device, which has been patented by our institute. Thus the extraction factor can reach C2 + = 99,5 %.

High quality of works is provided with the help of three-dimensional designing system PDMS which was introduced at the institute. It gives the chance to carry out simultaneous design engineering for all institute departments in designed model and allows both to exclude errors, and to reduce the time for design engineering and also the time of civil and erection  works. Group of Companies “LENNIIHIMMASH” incorporates all profile design departments and develops the design-estimate documentation on all basic sections, except for the specialized those. Group of Companies “LENNIIHIMMASH” has own design department which develops all optional equipment, and the division which is carrying out a complex of works on support, inspection and delivery of equipment, including certification and reception all  required permissions  for application from Rostehnadzor.