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Development of non-standard equipment

Columns for various applications:
  • Tray columns with valve-type and sieve trays
  • Packed columns with random packing
  • Packed columns with structured packing, including cross-flow packing
  • Columns with foreign-made internals
Heat exchanger equipment:
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers with
    1. vaporizers with vapor space,
    2. U-shaped tubes,
    3. floating head,
    4. fixed tube sheets,
    5. double tube sheets.
  • heat exchangers with twisted tubes
  • thermosyphon vaporizers and condensers,
  • vacuum condensers,
  • double-pipe heat exchanger,
  • air coolers.
Vessels, vessel equipment:
  • Steel welded horizontal and vertical vessels are used as tanks and receivers at the enterprises of chemical, petrochemical, oil-refining, oil-gas and other industries.
  • Adsorbers for gas dehydration.
  • Adsorbers for fine filtration of liquid hydrocarbons.
  • Reactors for chemical processes.
  • Filters for gas purification.
  • Filters for purification of gases and liquids (for example, liquid hydrocarbons) from solids.
  • Filters for highly inflammable and explosive, toxic liquids.
  • Separator vessels for droplet separation from gas.
Demister pads
  • Louvered packs used in compressor units as well as process vessels: separators, columns, scrubbers, adsorbers.