Air coolers

  • General industrial air coolers (sections) of the following types AVM, AVG, AVZ, AVZ-D, AVO-BM
  • Air coolers of special application 2AVG-75; 3AVG-100;1AVG-160; AVG-320; AVOSH; AVG-V; AVG-VVP and others.

Material design – B1; B2; B3; B4; B5.

Structure types, requirements to manufacturing and industrial safety are established by GOST R 51364-99 (ISO 675880) “Air cooling equipment. General technical conditions”, developed by the specialists of LENNIIHIMMASH Group and implemented in January 2001.
Our company developed two procedures for carrying out industrial safety expert review of air coolers. Those are “Procedure for technical inspection of air coolers at gas compressor stations” and “Procedure for technical inspection of air coolers used at enterprises of chemical, petrochemical, oil-refining, gas processing, oil-gas industries and other”.

We offer customers services on selection and manufacturing of air cooling heat exchangers of all listed types for the whole range of application as follows:

  • Conduction of air cooler aerodynamic and thermal analysis according to technical requirements of the customer with making recommendations for the type and quantity required
  • Conduction of air cooler industrial safety expert review in order to estimate residual service life
  • Conduction of strength calculations of air cooler components and units, technical and methodological assistance during conduction of those calculations
  • Replacement of foreign-made air coolers, sections, fan modules with Russian ones
  • Replacement of foreign-made fan impellers with impellers of original design
  • Delivery of fans both with aluminum and fiber glass blades
  • Delivery of bimetal finned tubes with finned surface factor of 9; 14.6; 20 (based on tubes with diameter of 25 х 2), manufactured in accordance with knurling method

On customer’s request, air cooler sections and units can be manufactured and delivered within standard periods of process facilities shutdown (40-45 calendar days).

Dimension range
of air coolers
of modular execution (AVO-BM)
(inventor's certificate No. 1826678)
Air cooler AVM-M
(Patent of the Russian Federation No. 1733889)
Gas air cooler 3AVG-75 (100)
of main gas pipeline with air humidifier
((Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2163994)