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Integrated design


LENNIIHIMMASH Group provides integrated design services for plants of gas refining and petrochemical industry as part of construction and upgrade projects of gas processing plants.

  • At pre-design stage, LENNIIHIMMASH Group offers the following:
    1. preparation of feasibility proposals;
    2. development of feasability solutions;
    3. development of feasability study;
    4. selection of major technical solutions;
    5. calculation of construction investments justification.
    Development of pre-design documentation allows to define optimal process technology, layout of the existing and new facilities, and to assess capital and operating expenses. At this stage, the engineers of the company propose technically feasible and cost-effective design solutions.
  • At engineering stage, LENNIIHIMMASH Group offers the following:
    1. development of design assignment;
    2. preparation of project process part FEED;
    3. basic design development;
    4. development of design documentation in 3D engineering environment (AVEVA PDMS) on construction of units, plants and facilities with further receipt of the approval of FAI Glavgosexpertiza of Russia;
    5. development of project parts, used for approval in the state expert review bodies;
    6. development of construction management plan;
    7. conduction of cost estimates for determination of financial expenses for project implementation.
    The engineers of the company carry out works on integrated engineering design in accordance with Government Decree No. 87, complying with all technical and building regulations.
  • • Either upon completion of P stage, or in parallel with it, LENNIIHIMMASH Group prepares detail documentation package for beginning of construction and installation works for the purpose of implementation of structural and technical project solutions.

LENNIIHIMMASH Group is ready to carry out a specific part or project stage, as well as integrated design of petrochemical and gas refining facilities on a contractual basis as follows:

  • low-temperature condensation and rectification units;
  • condensate stabilization units;
  • cooling units;
  • fuel gas conditioning package;
  • modular compressor units;
  • pump units;
  • gas-fractionation plants for natural and associated petroleum gasses with recovery of target helium, propane-butane, LPG, etc;
  • plants for processing and liquefying of natural and associated petroleum gasses, including mini-plants;
  • flare systems;
  • natural gas drying and purification units;
  • tank farms;
  • gas-separation units;
  • piping of reciprocating and centrifugal compressors;
  • pipelines and racks, including loading racks;
  • automated process control systems;
  • fire safety and security alarm systems.

To receive an accurate calculation for your specific project, please send us an official request and a technical assignment.