3D design

Three-dimensional design as а major working method of design division specialists

Since 2007 according to the System of Design Documentation for Construction, the main method of project works implementation with detail documentation development in LENNIIHIMMASH Group is the method of 3-dimensional design on the basis of PDMS (AVEVA) software package. In order to carry out project works with preparation of detail documentation according to the unified design documentation system (modular structures, designs of equipment), 3D design system Solid Works has been used since 2014.

In recent years LENNIIHIMMASH Group has implemented about 10 projects with application of 3D modeling.

Efficiency of AVEVA software applications is achieved by means of integration in the software of in-house developments (macros), enabling to optimize the following:

  • labour-intensive processes of model-building;
  • data transmission to the model from other programs and to other programs (for example, such programs as Izolyatsiya, ANSYS);
  • drawing out and transferring tasks between related departments;
  • drawing out deliverables (drawings, lists, specifications, data sheets, records, etc.)

At the moment the unified integrated design environment, comprising not only 3D modeling, but also 2D design solutions, is created in LENNIICHIMMASH Group.

This design technology allows:

- To reduce design periods by means of:

  • Simultaneous work of specialists in different disciplines on the model;
  • Coordination of design solutions of different disciplines directly in the process of model development;
  • Generation of deliverables directly from the developed model (plans, types, cuts, custom-made specifications, isometric drawings).

- To increase the quality of the projects being implemented by means of:

  • Usage of the uniform element base, allowed for application in this project (PDMS catalog), by all experts during modeling;
  • Automatic check of the model for possible collisions, and elimination of those collisions at early stages of model development;
  • Obtaining of deliverables directly from the model free from collisions after checking of the model for proper building and compliance with the norms and rules of industrial safety.

Carrying out of 3D modeling also helps to implement designer’s supervision over construction: