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Industrial safety examination

GC “LENNIICHIMMASH” has all necessary licenses as well as the great long-term experience in carrying out the Industrial safety examination of technical devices used on the dangerous industrial facilities. There are Department of Industrial Safety, certified Laboratory of Non-destructive control and Test Laboratory in the structure of GC “LENNIICHIMMASH”.

In the field of industrial safety LENNIICHIMMASH Ltd renders following services:

  • carrying out the Industrial Safety Examination of technical devices;
  • working out of documents for application of technical devices and accompaniment them in Rostehnadzor  to receive Permits;
  • diagnosis of technical condition of equipment;
  • developing methods, programs, instructions, procedure guidelines;
  • developing and replacing lost operational records: operational manuals, instructions e.c.;
  • developing and confirmation Decisions on identification of engineering materials, the material authority examination in Rostehnadzor;
  • durability calculations;
  • investigation of reasons of technical devices destruction;
  • developing the Certificates of conformance of technical devices according to the certification scheme of GOST R.
Certified in the field of industrial safety experts of vessels, pipelines and compressors which maintained at enterprises of chemical, oil and gas branch work in GC “LENNIICHIMMASH”. Six of them are experts in the field of industrial safety, seven of them are flaw inspectors and two of them are experts of the top skills.
Experts field of certification:
  • Chemical supervision;
  • Metal manufacture;
  • Boiler supervision;
  • Chemical machine-building output certification;
  • Gas consumption and distribution;
  • Oil and gas industry.
Flaw inspectors field of certification:
  • Visual and measuring inspection;
  • Ultrasound thickness measuring;
  • Capillary inspection method;