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Industrial safety expert review

The major goal of industrial safety expert review of technical devices is compliance assessment of subject under review with the current legislation in the field of industrial safety. Principles of independence, comprehensiveness, as well as objectivity and completeness of the conducted researches are applied in industrial safety assessment issues.

Industrial safety expert review of a technical device is a set of actions, aimed at determination of condition, possibility of further operation and maintenance of equipment. The expert review is carried out within the periods and according to the deadlines established by the legislation.

Technical devices used at petrochemical, oil-refining plants and other fire explosive and chemically hazardous facilities are one of industrial safety units. Expert review of such a device is aimed at compliance assessment of the equipment, mechanisms, units, devices, and technical systems under review and of the equipment presented with the requirements of industrial safety.

Activities on industrial safety expert review of the above-mentioned equipment with determination of the period of its further operation is one key aspect in implementation of measures to increase a turnaround cycle of process units of petrochemical and oil-refining plants up to 36-48 months.

Our company has a reissued license for the corresponding type of activity, experts, certified according to new rules, as well as extensive experience in survey of machine (pump-and compressor) equipment and technical devices, used at hazardous industrial facilities.

The company renders the following works:

  • conduction of industrial safety expert review of technical devices and machine equipment with issuing of industrial safety expert review report and its registering in Rostechnadzor;
  • development of methods, programs, instructions, guidelines for industrial safety expert review conduction and technical diagnosis of hazardous facilities equipment;
  • development and restoration of lost operational manuals, instructions and technical passports for different equipment of hazardous facilities, including foreign-made equipment;
  • works on approval of amendments to operational parameters of technical devices;
  • investigation of reasons of equipment destruction and development of recommendation on their elimination.

Functions on carrying out of works on industrial safety expert review in the company are taken over by the industrial safety sector of the design department, which includes the following components:

  • Experts bureau;
  • Non-destructive testing laboratory certified in the established procedure.

Certification field of staff experts – E7TU.

Certification fields of NDT inspectors:

  • visual and dimensional inspection;
  • ultrasonic testing;
  • ultrasonic thickness measurement;
  • dye penetrant inspection.

The specialists of the division annually present the company at meetings of lead mechanical engineers of petrochemical and oil-refining companies of Russia and CIS countries, international and national conferences and seminars on industrial safety.