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Packaged Supply of Equipment

LENNIIHIMMASH Group, being an engineering company, offers its customers an integrated package of services on designing and complete equipment procurement for oil refining and petrochemical facilities, being constructed and rebuild both according to our own projects, and according to projects developed by other parties.

In our activities we are guided by calculations of economic efficiency on the basis of the time-tested methods of leading western companies.

Range of our services is as follows:

  • Documentation preparation for request for technical and commercial proposal.
  • Selection of potential manufacturers.
  • Arrangement and carrying out of tenders to select a manufacturing company.
  • Full support of equipment manufacturing process.
  • Carrying out inspections and equipment acceptance at manufacturing facilities.
  • Registration of equipment passports and obtaining of required permit documents.

Taking into account Rostehnadzor permit when preparing technical and commercial proposal for packaged supply of equipment and materials, LENNIIHIMMASH Group carries out the following works:

  • Strength mechanical calculations according to industry regulatory and guiding documents approved by Rostehnadzor.
  • Definition of equipment standard sizes range allowed by the requirements of technological process and corresponding to tooling of Russian machine-building enterprises.
  • Confirmatory thermal design and mass-exchange calculations in cases of using equipment standard sizes range allowed by the requirements of technological process and corresponding to tooling of the Russian machine-building enterprises.
  • Expert selection of similar Russian engineering materials used by developers of basic designs.
  • Additional design study of technologically complicated units of static equipment for the purpose of reliable definition of expenses for manufacturing and materials.
  • Selection of specific range of serial standard products that meet the requirements of industrial safety and technological process.

Rendering of engineering services contributes to:

  • Decrease of current cost of projects and reduction of standard periods of facilities construction.
  • Increase of economic efficiency level of facilities by means of increase in market products output.
  • Increase of industrial safety level and facilities quality.

Qualified experts of our company have a wide experience in work with both Russian and foreign manufacturers of all kinds of equipment and serial standard products.