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Development of optional equipment

Column apparatus for various purposes:
  • Plate-type columns with valve or perforated plates;
  • Packed columns with irregular packing;
  • Packed columns with regular packing, including cross-pointpacking;
  • Columns with foreign-made contact devices.
Heat exchange equipment:
Shell-and-tube heat exchangers with:
  • coil tubes;
  • U-shaped tubes;
  • floating head;
  • stationary tube plates;
  • steam-space vaporizers;
  • thermosiphon vaporizers and condensers;
  • vacuum condensers;
  • tube-in-tube type heat exchangers;
  • air-cooling apparatus.
 Reservoir equipment:
  •  Welded steel reservoir apparatus, horizontal and vertical, are used as tanks and receivers at facilities of chemical, petrochemical, oil-processing, oil, gas and other industries;
  • Gas-drying adsorbers;
  • Adsorbers for fine cleaning of liquid hydrocarbons;
  • Gas-cleaning filters;
  • Filters for cleaning gases and liquids (e.g., liquid hydrocarbons) from solid particles;
  • Filters for inflammable, explosion- and fire-hazardous, toxic liquids;
  • Filters for corrosive and non-corrosive, difficult-to-filter liquid media;
  • Reservoir separators for separation of drop liquid from gas.
Separators of jalousie type
Separators of jalousie type are applied both in compressor units and in processing equipment like columns, scrubbers, adsorbers.