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Air-cooling apparatus (ACA)

General-purpose industrial air-cooling apparatus (sections) of types АВМ, АВГ; АВЗ; АВЗ-Д; АВО-БМ Special-purpose air-cooling apparatus 2АВГ-75; 3АВГ-100; 1АВГ-160; АВГ-320; АВОШ; АВГ-В; АВГ-ВВП, etc.

Material versions – Б1; Б2; Б3; Б4; Б5
Design types, manufacturing and industrial safety requirements are established by State Standard GOSTR 51364-99 (ISO 675880) "Air-cooling apparatus. General specifications" developed by LENNIICHIMMASH Ltd specialists and put into effect in January 2001. Our company developed two procedures for appraisal of ACA industrial safety. These are "Procedure for technical diagnostics of air-cooling apparatus operated at gas compressor stations of GAZPROM" and "Procedure of technical diagnostics of air-cooling apparatus used at facilities of chemical, petrochemical, gas-and oil-processing, oil, gas and other industries".
We offer to our customers all-round services in selection and manufacture of air-cooling heat exchangers of all above-listed types, namely:
  • performance of thermal-aerodynamical analysis for ACA to suit the Customer's specifications and issue of recommendations for the type and necessary quantity;
  • industrial safety appraisal of ACA in order to determine the residual lifetime;
  • strength analysis of ACA components and assemblies and rendering technical and methodological assistance in such analyses;
  • replacement of imported air-cooling apparatus, sections, fan modules by domestically made ones;
  • replacement of impellers of imported fans by impellers of original design;
  • supply of fans with aluminium blades and fibreglass-plastic blades;
  • supply of bimetal finned tubes with a finning factor φ of 9, 14.6, 20 (on the basis of diameter 25 x 2 tubes) produced by the roll-on method.
At the Customer's request, sections and assemblies of air-cooling apparatus can be manufactured and delivered within ordinary periods of process plant outages (40–45 calendar days).
Type/size series of air-cooling apparatus in modular configuration (AVO-BM) (Inventor's Certificate No. 1826678)  
Air-cooling apparatus AVM-M (Patent RU No. 1733889)
Air-cooling apparatus 3AVG-75 (100) for cooling gas in gas-main pipelines with air humidifier (Patent RU № 2163994)