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Membrane safety devices (MSD)

Field of application: explosion -fire-hazardous and chemically dangerous enterprises of chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industry, and also thermal and atomic engineering facilities.

Function: for protection of process equipment and pipelines against possible unauthorized pressure increase beyond design pressure.

Working out and manufacturing of MSD and safety membranes is one of directions of industrial activity of GC “LENNIICHIMMASH”

Our customers:
  • LLC “Trading LUKOIL”
  • JSC«Kazanorgsintez»
  • JSC«Salavatnefteorgsintez»
  • JSC«Sibur neftehim»
  • LLC “Usoliehimprom”
  • Astrachan GRP
  • Bogoslov aluminium plant
  • Krasnoyarsk aluminium plant
  • JSC«Ashinsk metallurgical plant»
  • Krasnoyarsk machine building plant
  • Kaluga turbine plant
  • Kolskaya atomic station
  • Kalininskaya atomic station
  • Novovoronezhskaya atomic station
  • Balakovskaya atomic station
  • Zaporozhskaya atomic station
  • Yuzhno-ukrainskaya atomic station
  • Kozloduy atomic station (Bulgary) 
  • and e.p.
GC “LENNIICHIMMASH” has unique experience of introduction of MSD at the enterprises of the oil refining and petrochemical industry, which allows to raise production efficiency essentially. In 2006 under the aegis of Council of master mechanics of the oil refining and petrochemical industry enterprises of Russia and with the assistance of GC “LENNIICHIMMASH” the instruction "Method of operation, inspection and maintenance of spring safety valves, membrane safety devices of oil- processing and petrochemical enterprise of Minpromenergo of Russia" (ИПКМ 2005) has been developed. According to ИПКМ-2005 periodicity of audit, repair and adjustment of safety valves can be increased to 48 months at installation MSD before safety valves, under certain conditions. Owing to that reason between-repairs run of units can be increased considerably.
GC “LENNIICHIMMASH” – the unique enterprise in Russia, which has experience of complex works "on a turn-key basis" performance  in large plants. During the period 2004-2009 we had been  developing the project of MSD installation. More than 1000 pieces of MSD and more than 5000 pieces of safety membranes had been manufactured, installed and inserted MSD before safety valves on 21 technological units for LLC "KINEF".  Considerable economic benefit had been received.
Basic parameters:
 Operation pressure, MPa
 from 0.05 to 40
 Flow section diameter, mm
 from 10 to 600
 Operating temperature, deg. C
 from -100 to +450
 Operation pressure accuracy, % 
 up to 2
In order to improve corrosion resistance unique technologies of protective anticorrosive coatings drawing on surfaces of membranes and MSD details are developed by GC “LENNIICHIMMASH” for protection of membranes against influence of excited environments of petrochemical and oil refining industry. Coverings are made with use of nitride, titanium trinitride or teflon materials.
GC “LENNIICHIMMASH” has developed membrane safety devices with a ruptural core (МПУРС), providing the raised accuracy of operation – the patent of the Russian Federation №2272207 from 7/2/2004.
The institute has a set of licenses and permits issued by State Mining and Technical Supervision Authority of Russia for MSD development and manufacture, including manufacture for atomic electric stations, and the institute's own metrologically qualified test-bench base.
GC “LENNIICHIMMASH” manufactures membrane safety devices according to ТУ 3615-006-79703874-2009. membrane safety devices correspond to the international quality standards completely. Manufacture of membranes is conducted with use of the laser car and the modern digital measuring technics.
Contacts of Laboratory of membrane safety devices and test bench:
Tel.:      (812) 331-7348
Fax:     (812) 327-7968



laboratory сontrol panel of
the test bench

the hydraulic test bench fortests
 of membranes


membrane safety devices (msd)

the membrane safety device with
an explosive core