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Projects implementation on a "turn-key" basis


 EPC/M approach to the projects realization removes a number of serious problems on synchronization of actions of large and small contract and subcontracted organizations, and all interaction on arising questions occurs to the general contractor. The work is organized by a principle of "a uniform window" where the general contractor incurs all obligations on project realization, and is responsible in case of default of contract clauses. Herewith all subcontractors are approved by a customer company management at a stage of signing of the contract. We find for today the EPC/M-contract is one of the most effective tools in realization of investment programs in oil and gas chemistry sphere. Such parameters as terms, cost and volume of the project and technical and economic indicators take up special importance at building of oil and gas facilities. Investors want to know in advance, how their means will be spent, in what terms and with what efficiency. EPC/M-contract conditions: fixed price, fixed time and fixed 

scope, in our opinion, - stimulate the general contractor to execute treaty obligations in full, in target dates with the stipulated volume and quality at the fixed price. EPC/M - contracts find their application as the most comprehensible in the conditions of developing construction of oil and gas facilities. Having the uniform supplier with high quality heads of contracts is the criterion which allows to minimize enterprises risks, to reduce terms, optimize work with a considerable quantity of subcontractors, decrease expenses levels, and consequently, a total cost of contract realization.

Advantages epc/m  models by the example of the integrated schedule of the project realization