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Management of construction projects

The modern effective management of construction projects is necessary for realization of large-scale projects.

Use of the best domestic and foreign the expert allows to guarantee the complex approach and successful realization of project to our clients.

We have developed the management methodology of construction projects at all stages of investment process and introduce it in our business.

The methodology is based on foreign standards and uses ЕРС/М approach to realization of construction projects:
  • Calendar integrated operational schedule (working out of the schedule and the budget of the project);
  • Execution of works in time within the limits of the voted budget and according to quality  requirements of a Customer;
  • Technical supervision of construction /modernization and commissioning;
  • Control and acceptance of civil and erection works;
  • Coordination of subcontract organizations works;
  • Registration of permissions to execute civil and erection works;
  • Organization of the equipment and materials storage;
  • Acceptance, quality assurance of delivered materials, designs and the equipment;
  • Planning, maintenance, quality assurance of civil and erection works;
  • Control in the field of preservation of the environment, industrial safety and safety appliances;
  • Assistance in the procedure of state acceptance of civil and erection works and the equipment;
  • Organization of preparation of the management personnel and training of the personnel of constructing facilities;
  • Preparation for commissioning (starting-up and adjustment works).