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Scientific Activities

Scientific Activities

Science in designing:

Development of design and working drawings for the construction of technological systems by:

  • Preparation and processing of natural and associated gas from the extraction of PBT and BGS;
  • Deep processing of natural gas to produce ethane and helium;
  • Liquefaction of natural gazarazrabotka processes and design systems to obtain polycrystalline silicon;
  • development of documentation for the construction of storage tanks, loading racks, support facilities;
  • development of projects of buildings and structures;
  • development of documentation for appropriateness, effectiveness and feasibility study;
  • development of certain types of equipment;
  • the entire set of calculations for the compressor and piping, including placement of poles, temperature compensation, the calculation of buffer tanks, acoustic calculations.

In the field of engineering:

  • integrated delivery of a unique and commercially-standard equipment for the renovation and new construction of oil refining, gas processing and petrochemical industry;
  • inspection and acceptance of equipment at manufacturing plants in all stages of production;
  • optimization of customer costs by reducing the delivery time of equipment, ranging from the development of its technology projects to production and post-warranty service;
  • support orders in all stages of manufacturing equipment.

In the design area:

  • construction (technical projects), a non-standard technological equipment both new and replace obsolete domestic and imported;
  • adaptation of equipment projects overseas engineering companies under the domestic regulatory framework in order to reduce the cost of manufacturing equipment at Russian enterprises.

In the examination of industrial safety:

  • conclusions Development of industrial safety with the calculation of residual life of equipment;
  • technical diagnostics of pipelines, vessels and compressor equipment by means of nondestructive testing;
  • development of techniques, programs, regulations and guidelines for diagnosis and examination of industrial safety;
  • recovery of lost operational documents;
  • research into the causes of destruction of technical equipment and development of recommendations to address them.

Identification of structural materials and materials science expertise:

  • calculations on the strength of blood vessels, piping, components and machinery parts according to the methods of GOST, RD, and with the help of software packages.

For certification:

  • testing of technical equipment for the purpose of certification (mandatory and voluntary) in the GOST R system;
  • working on obtaining permits RTN technical devices used at hazardous production facilities.

In production:

  • repair and manufacture of fuel gas heaters, air coolers, heat exchangers sections,
  • finned bimetallic tube, diaphragm pressure relief devices (LPA),
  • including those with discontinuous rod (LER RS), droplet separator, separators, compressors, spare parts, springs for different purposes

Of innovation:

  • range of services for patent research and intellectual property protection

For regulatory document:

  • commercially available standards organizations, industry standards, guidance documents, albums, typical designs, the techniques developed