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"Bases of calculation and design of heat exchangers of air cooling".

Reference book/A.N.Bessonny, G. A. Dreytser, V. B. Kuntysh, etc. – SPb.: Nedra, 1996


For the first time the systematized data on all complex of the tasks necessary for calculation and design of air coolers of any purpose are provided in world practice.

The main data on designs and technical characteristics of air coolers are stated; methods of thermal, aerodynamic, hydraulic, mechanical calculations of devices are given; ways of regulation and automated control sistems; noise protection methods; questions of safety measures and test methods of air coolers.


"Examples of calculations of non-standard effective heat exchangers". Book /

V. B.Kuntysh, A.N.Bessonny, G. A.Dreytser, I.F.Egorov - SPb., Nedra, 2000.



The examples of design calculations illustrating modern methods of design of gas-liquid heat exchangers are stated.


Analytical review "Methods of liquefaction of natural gas and technological schemes of liquefaction processes"



In the review the analysis of patent documentation, and also publications is presented in scientific and technical editions which revealed the main directions in development of the domestic-owned and foreign firms working in the field of natural gas liquefaction.


Analytical review " Adsorptive processes of purification of gases of water and sulfur on the basis of zeolites (the molecular screens)".



The main directions in development of the domestic-owned and foreign firms which are engaged in processes and adsorptive purification of gases are presented in the review.



Analytical review "Heat exchangers with twisted pipes", 2006



On the basis of studying of patent and other scientific technical literature for the last 20 years conclusions that the heat exchange intensification in twisted heat exchangers is reached due to complication of a form of profiling of twisted tubes, application of ring turbulizers, use of a chess arrangement of pipes instead of the bellboy, a design twisted pipes fins.