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News >  Official start-up of the second phase facilities of Vyngapurovsky GPP

Official start-up of the second phase facilities of Vyngapurovsky GPP

PAO SIBUR Holding completed the comprehensive investment project of the intake of OAO NK Russneft associated petroleum gas (APG) for its further processing at Vyngapurovsky gas processing plant.
The second phase facilities of Vyngapurovsky GPP were started. The official ceremony was held on March 31, 2016.
LENNIIHIMMASH Group was the General Designer of the project “Expansion of Vyngapurovsky GPP. Construction of the Gas Processing Unit No. 2 (UPG-2)”. Within the project our company developed the design and detailed design documentation, acquired the state experts’ approval from Glavgosexpertiza of Russia, procured process equipment and all the materials required for the project execution, provided the author’s supervision of construction, performed installation and commissioning works and put the facilities into operation at the design rate.
After the start-up of the gas processing unit No. 2 (UPG-2) the plant capacity increased from 2.8 billion m3/year to 4.2 billion m3/year.
The actual performance values shown by UPG-2 meet the design requirements (with target components recovery rate of 99.4% for C3+), the market products also meet the design requirements:

  • APG intake capacity – up to 1.6 billion m3/year
  • Dry stripped gas with the residual target components C3+ of no more than 3 g/nm3
  • LPG complies with category A as per TU 38.101524-93

The project implies development of the infrastructure to resolve one of the issues of the fuel and energy sector, which is disposition and efficient use of the recovered APG and increase of the refinery yield.
Besides, the main goal of the Project is to contribute to the efficient use of fuel and energy in compliance with the state program of energy saving and development of the energy sector in the Russian Federation.
Once executed, the Project will improve the environmental conditions in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District due to the modern infrastructure for processing of at least 95% of the APG and natural wet gas in compliance with the approved regulatory documents.


Project execution period: 2013 – 2015 (24 months)
     Associated petroleum gas from Varyeganskaya compressor station
     Target components С3+ content in APG – 301.1 g/std.m3
Market products (maximum capacity):
     Dry stripped gas meets the requirements of STO 089-2010 (7.5 MPa, 40°С) 1,094 billion std.m3/year. Target components content not exceeding 3 g/std.m3
     LPG as per TU 38.101524-93 category A, B (3,7 MPa, 40°С) 457,9 thousand tons/year, C3+ recovery rate is 99.4%
Capital costs under the project: 350 million USD with VAT

Investment utilization share of LENNIIHIMMASH Group: is 245.4 million USD with VAT
Deviation of the project cost at the detailed design phase from the budget cost approved by the Customer’s investment committee based on the summary estimate at the “Project” phase is 2.6%.
Total weight of the steel structures is 3 150 tons.

  • R/c piles (6-12 m) – 2 899 items
  • R/c slabs – 1 058 items
  • Concrete – 6 300 m3
  • Building bars – 233 tons
  • Crushed stone – 2 366 m3
  • Pipes – 1 906 tons
  • Power cable – 159 km, control cable – 536 km

Total weight of the procured equipment is above 2 000 tons:

  • Column equipment – 1 item
  • Tanks and vessels – 54 itemы
  • Heat exchangers – 15 itemы
  • Compressors – 5 items (10,89 MW; 10,48 MW; 8,73 MW; 3,65 MW; 3,27 MW)
  • Furnace – 2 items
  • Air cooler – 26 items
  • Turbo expanding assembly – 1 item
  • Pumping equipment – 20 items
  • Valves – 3 522 items
  • Instruments – 950 items
  • Plant Control System - 2 736 signals
  • Sewage Pump Stations (SPS) – 2 items
  • Nitrogen air station – 1 item
  • Electrical equipment (including transformer substations of 1600kVA – 2 items)
  • Lifting and handling equipment – 18 items
  • Fire hydrant cylinders – 2 items
  • “Strazh” firefighting monitors – 25 items
  • Automatic firefighting equipment, fire alarms, communications and security system – systems for the entire plant
  • Packaged modular buildings for the compressor equipment – 6 items


SIBUR started the second phase facilities of Vyngapurovsky GPP. News published on RUPEC web site

Video report about the official start-up of the second phase facilities of Vyngapurovsky GPP