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AO "Bashkir Soda Company"

Customer AO "Bashkir Soda Company"
Work description Modernization of the vinylchloride production unit cooling station with parallel operation of two 1MW compressor units.
Types of works Development of initial data for engineering
Year 2020

Work description:

The cooling station using Chladon-22 (difluorochloromethane CHClF2) ) as a refrigerant is designed to obtain cold of two levels of isotherms (minus 35°C and plus 1°C), which is used in the vinylchloride production process.

Work purpose:

Development of technical solutions and initial data for implementation of engineering works to ensure a full-fledged reserve for the operating compressor unit.

Scope of supply:

  • Installation in parallel of the third (available at the Customer, but dismantled in 2009) compressor unit as an additional one to the existing backup compressor pos. М-10/202;
  • Implementation of a two-compressor operation scheme of the units and ensuring of cold production during their parallel operation at a level comparable to the cooling capacity of the main compressor unit.

Work results: The initial data has been developed on the basis of the process regulations of the existing cooling unit, as well as other applicable operating documents.

Additionally, calculations of CAPEX for modernization have been performed.