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AO Nevinnomyssky Azot

Customer AO Nevinnomyssky Azot
Work description Main technical solutions for engineering of the purification plant for natural gas from methane homologues before feeding of the natural gas to the thermo-oxidative pyrolysis unit.
Year 2020

Work purpose:

selection of an optimal plant for natural gas purification from methane homologues in terms of payback. Natural gas in further process chain is used as feed for reactors of thermo-oxidative pyrolysis unit.

Requirements to purified gas quality at the outlet of the unit:

Methane content - not less than 95%.

Methane homologues content:

  • maximum content – not more than 6.3 mol %.
  • minimum content – not less than 3.9 mol %.

Result: the following has been developed: the main technical solutions for engineering the natural gas purification unit with process description, material balance and PFD, including the list of main process equipment, evaluation of capital investments and cost efficiency of the proposed unit, taking into account the seismic activity of the site, where the unit is planned to be located.