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Reference >  AO "NIPIGAZ" (AO “SiburTyumenGaz”)

AO "NIPIGAZ" (AO “SiburTyumenGaz”)

Customer AO "NIPIGAZ" (AO “SiburTyumenGaz”)
Work description Feasibility study for construction of the purification unit for dry stripped gas from CO2 of the Branch of AO SiburTyumenGas - Nyagangazpererabotka.
Year 2020

Purpose of the feasibility study is to select the most technologically advanced and economically feasible option for gas purification from СО2.

The work consisted of five stages, which could be divided into the following main blocks:

  • preliminary study of process solutions for gas purification from СО2 and possible options for placing the purification unit in the current production process. Two principally different technologies in six configurations have been worked out: two options for purification by means of membranes (one-stage and two-stage) and four options for purification of different gas streams by means of amine solution;
  • Reasonable selection and detailed comparison of the two most acceptable options of process solutions agreed with the Customer. The analysis of technical and process risks has been carried out, risk reduction measures have been developed. CAPEX and OPEX have been calculated based on the revised data, and a project implementation schedule has been developed.

As a result of the work the most cost-effective technology of gas purification from СО2 has been selected; performance indicators of investments in its construction have been calculated. The results of the work were successfully defended by the General Customer, as evidenced by the letter of thanks.