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Customer AO Sahatransneftegaz
Work description «Assessment of UPBS-100 (ZAO Severorgsintez) process equipment applicability for the site of Yakutsk gas processing plant, assessment of applicability of turbo expanding assembly manufactured by Mafi-Trench (USA) for site conditions of Yakutsk gas processing plant»
Types of works performed Technical report
Year 2017

General data on work

In 2011-2012, LENNIIHIMMASH carried out development of Yakutsk gas processing plant expansion options by means of new gas treatment and gas processing units, construction of those units has not been fulfilled at Yakutsk gas processing plant.

In 2006-2008, LENNIIHIMMASH carried out development of design and detail documentation and delivered packaged equipment for processing production facility of gas and unstabilized condensate UPBS-100 with gas capacity of 1.21 bln std m3/year. As ZAO Severorgsintez lacked the funds required, facility construction was suspended and conservation was made.

In 2016, AO Sahatransneftegas decided to purchase the existing equipment UPBS-100 in order to use it at new production facilities with capacity of 3.0 mln std.m3/day at Yakutsk gas processing plant (gas dehydration unit, low temperature condensation and rectification unit and heat transfer fluid system).

The goal of the work became development of optimal natural gas separation scheme at the site of Yakutsk gas processing plant for maximum possible usage of equipment UPBS-100 with acceptable market LPG yield.

Six options of gas separations schemes at Yakutsk gas processing plant were proposed, those options enabled to achieve recovery rate of targets components from 78% to 91%, and differed in terms of different level of equipment upgrade and/or separation schemes, moreover, options, allowing to increase autogas yield with low additional capital expenses, had the advantages.

For the schemes reviewed, analysis of working efficiency of 28 equipment items UPBS-100 was carried out for new operation conditions at the site of Yakutsk gas processing plant. Most of the equipment meets all criteria, operation of several equipment items is allowed in case of remedial measures fulfillment, and some items require new units because of lacking of identical equipment at UPBS-1000. Selection of new equipment structures is carried out with determination of their main size, weight and power characteristics.

Recommendation on selection of optimal gas processing scheme taking into account process equipment UPBS-100 operation were given in the summary.