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LLC Alliance Projects, Moscow

Customer: LLC Alliance Projects, Moscow
Name of work item: Development of a feasibility study for construction of APG processing complex at the Tagrinskoye oil field;
Type of works performed: Feasibility analysis;
Year: 2019-2020

Brief work description:

The goal of feasability study development is to provide process justification and technical-economic assessment of the most efficient and economically feasible option for APG processing at the 2nd separation stage of the Tagrinskoye oil field with capacity of 70-100 million Nm3/year for feed stock.

The developed technical solutions provide the maximum recovery rate of target products - dry stripped gas, propane-butane fraction according to GOST R 52087-2003, natural stable gas according to STO 11605031-019-2007, taking into account the economic feasibility of the applied technical solutions.

Marketing research of sales markets for market products in the Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenets autonomous districts was carried out. Taking into account difficult climate conditions, as well as the distance of the facility from major resource centers within the framework of the feasability study, the Customer is offered an option of an optimal and economically justified utility flow diagram with all necessary resources.

The economic efficiency of the project was evaluated taking into account all possible risk factors in a wide range of values.

Work results

GPP is composed of the following facilities

  • administration area facilities;
  • production area facilities:
    1. compression unit (3 stages)
    2. separation unit
    3. dehydration unit
    4. stenching unit
    5. thermal fluid unit
    6. flare and drain systems.
  • warehouse facilities:
    1. storage and handling of heating oil;
    2. storage and handling of natural stable gas.
  • auxiliary support area facilities;
  • power supply area facilities;
  • water supply and sewerage area facilities.

The project execution option presented to the Customer was successfully defended, and it confirmed a high payback at the level of 3 years from the moment of commissioning by calculations, taking into account all risk factors. The work was completed on time according to the calendar plan of the project.