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LLC Gazprom dobycha Orenburg

Customer LLC Gazprom dobycha Orenburg
Work description «Rendering of services on carrying out of calculations of operation modes of compressors 6М25-140/35-56, 6ГМ25-140/35-56 of the 2nd compression stage at increased suction and discharge temperatures, on development of recommendations on amending of technical documentation»
Types of works performed Technical report
Year 2017

Brief work description

The subject of study was reciprocating compressors 6М25-140/35-56 of unit No.2 (gas compressor unit 3) and 6ГМ25-140/35-56 of unit No. 23/2 (gas compressor unit 2 and 6) of department No. 4 of the Helium plant, as well as suction and discharge buffer vessels.

The report included the following tasks:

  • compressors operation modes analysis at increased suction and discharge temperatures based on the data given (operator's logs);
  • a number of thermodynamic calculation, covering range of possible suction temperatures and range of operating pressures at the inlet of the compressor;
  • analysis of static resistance of suction and discharge buffer vessels under the influence of increased temperatures;
  • development of recommendations.

Gas composition, gas compressor unit operation modes, characteristics of compressors and units were taken on the basis of the technical documentation provided by the Customer.

A number of thermodynamic calculations was carried out:

  • pressure losses at suction and discharge;
  • calculation of maximum allowable suction temperatures;
  • calculation of compressor characteristics, as well as checking strength calculations of buffer vessels - suction buffer vessel and discharge buffer vessel.

Based on the results of the calculations implemented, the conclusions were made and recommendations were given to remedy the current situation of compressors operation.