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LLC Gazprom gazomotornoe toplivo

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Work description «Determination of causes of increased vibration of SAFE company's compressor unit SW395T12-ICE and development of action plan aimed at elimination of increased vibration of compressor unit SW395T12-ICE»
Types of works performed Technical report
Year 2017

General data on work

Specialists of installation department application engineering section of LENNIIHIMMASH Group developed the technical report, which incorporated the work on determination of causes of compressor unit increased vibration, as well as on action plan to eliminate the increase vibration both of compressor SW395T12-ICE of SAFE company, and of compressor piping.

The work was implemented in two stages according to the contract. The first stage included vibration displacement measurements directly at the facility and drawing up of the brief report, describing measurements results. The second stage included comprehensive analysis of the data received with further mathematical modeling of dynamic processes, occurring with compressor and piping, and drawing up of the summary of the increased vibration causes detected and possible troubleshooting actions.

The report included the following tasks:

  • Calculation of the unit operation modes selected for obtaining effective forces and loads on compressor base;
  • Modal calculations of the compressor and the piping system for getting of a range of natural frequencies and modes of acoustic vibrations corresponding to them for further evaluation of their impact on vibration level of the compressor and the piping;
  • Calculations of acoustic vibrations in the piping, determination of natural frequencies and modes of acoustic vibrations for the compressor unit operation mode taken;
  • Building of finite-element model series of the compressor unit and the piping and carrying out of dynamic calculations in order to analyze causes of increased vibrations on the compressor unit body and the piping, as well as to evaluate loads on the elements of the compressor unit base and supports;
  • Development of recommendations on ensuring of dynamic stability of the compressor unit and the piping.

The result of the performed analysis of several design models options should become upgrade of the compressor and the piping based on the built model of updated compressor piping.