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LLC Kriogaz – Vysotsk

Customer LLC Kriogaz – Vysotsk
Name of work item "Development of design documentation - draft and technical design for the basin of liquefied natural gas (LNG) spills of the LNG production and handling terminal in the port of Vysotsk, Leningrad region"
Types of works performed Draft and technical design
Year 2019

Brief work description:

The development target is a basin for collection of liquefied natural gas (LNG) spills.

During the work, the following tasks were completed:

  • analysis of the initial documentation and materials provided by the Customer in order to determine the main process parameters – the maximum spill volume, LNG composition, the lowest temperature of LNG, as well as to establish configuration of the nearest pipelines in order to determine the possibility of basin installation;
  • development of several options of basin design that provide strength and stability when filling with spilled LNG, with selection of material execution;
  • numerical simulation of basin cooling process when filling it with LNG, followed by estimation of the unsteady temperature field along the basin wall and determination of areas with the maximum temperature gradient;
  • strength analysis of the proposed basin design options with determination of the level of thermal stresses along the basin wall and the bearing capacity of the supports taking into account the basin temperature strains;
  • development of technical documentation for the basin and supporting structures with an indication of the installation features – according to the task condition, the basin should be installed on crossbar supports attached to the wall of the mooring.