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Reference >  LLC "LUKOIL-Ukhtaneftepererabotka"

LLC "LUKOIL-Ukhtaneftepererabotka"

Customer: LLC "LUKOIL-Ukhtaneftepererabotka"
Name of work item: Carrying out an analysis of the possibility of using the propane refrigeration unit equipment of packaged supply by CKD PRAHA DIZ a.s. to LLC LUKOIL-KGPZ as part of the gas fractionation plant project at LLC LUKOIL-UNP with the issue of a technical report
Type of works performed: Technical report
Year: 2017

Brief work description:

Development of the technical report "Assessment of the possibility of using existing refrigeration unit equipment, pipelines and valves of the Korobkovsky GPP as part of the gas fractionation plant project at LLC LUKOIL-UNP for new process parameters", enabling to draw a conclusion about technical capabilities and to make a fundamental decision on feasibility of using the existing complex propane refrigeration unit of CKD PRAHA DIZ a.s. supply at LLC LUKOIL-KGPZ.

Major works:

  • In accordance with Customer's initial requirements, a simulation of complex propane refrigeration unit operation for 3 modes (Winter DT class 1, Winter DT class 3, Summer) was performed for two isotherms: minus 30°C and plus 2°C. When calculating the refrigeration cycle, the modes were selected taking into account the runnability of the existing propane refrigeration unit equipment.
  • Taking into the account process requirements and performance curves of propane refrigeration unit compressors, an optimal operation mode of compressor stages was selected based on the condition of finding the operating point of each stage at sustainable operation compressor field and guaranteed non-exceedance of the electric motor available capacity. The compressor manufacturer (Siemens/Dresser-Rand) has confirmed the runnability.
  • Checking calculations of the rest of the equipment as part of the complex propane refrigeration unit (separators, vessels, heat exchange equipment, pumps) were made for each propane refrigeration unit operation mode, as well as checking hydraulic calculations of pipelines and reviews of the process runnability of shut-off, control valves and PSVs in new operating conditions were performed.

Based on the work results, a detailed technical report was provided to the Customer.