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Customer LLC NOVATEK - Ust-Luga
Work description Capacity increase of the stable gas condensate primary processing complex by 3.0 million tons per year
Types of works Development of design (stage P) and detailed (stage R) documentation.
Passing of the state expert reviews (stage P)
Year 2020-2021

Work description:

Engineering based on the main technical solutions developed by LENNIIHIMMASH Group.

The purpose of production operation of the Complex is distillation and rectification of stable gas condensate, as well as a stable gas condensate mixture and low-sulfur oil, to obtain the required range of products.

Range of output products:

  • light naphtha;
  • heavy naphtha;
  • fuel for jet-turbine engines, type of jet kerosene Jet А 1;
  • gasoil or marine diesel oil (MDO) DMX, DMA;
  • marine fuel component or marine fuel, RMD-80;
  • butane fraction.

Capacity increase is provided in two stages:

Stage 1: Construction of a new tank farm and reconstruction of utility networks to connect it to the existing infrastructure / utility systems of the Complex

Stage 2: Construction of a new stable gas condensate primary processing unit and reconstruction of existing utility systems to integrate the unit into the infrastructure of the Complex.

Functions of LENNIIHIMMASH Group:

  • Performing functions of the General Designer;
  • Technical inspection of existing buildings and structures;
  • Development of design (PD), detailed (RD) and equipment design documentation for new and upgraded equipment;
  • Maintenance and getting the approvals of the State Expert Reviews in Rosprirodnadzor (the Main Enviromental Expert Review) and in FAU “Glavgosexpertiza of Russia” (the Main State Expert Reviews).
  • Carrying out of the designer’s supervision.

Work results: The design documentation (stage P) has been fully completed, and now it is undergoing the Main Environmental Expert Review in Rosprirodnadzor.

The construction of facilities based on the documentation developed by the LENNIIHIMMASH Group will increase the production capacity of the Complex for stable gas condensate primary processing by 3.0 million tons per year.