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LLC Shurtanneftegaz

Customer LLC Shurtanneftegaz
Work description «Developement of feasibility study and Basic engineering design of the option selected for increase of market products output of propane-butane recovery unit UPPBS-3 (the 1st, 2nf and 5th line)»
Types of works performed Development of Basic engineering design (incl. conduction of feasibility study)
Year 2017

General data

At Unitary Subsidiary Enterprise Shurtanneftegaz, five UPPBS-3 units operate; they are intended for processing of gas of Shurtanskaya group fields and production of liquefied petroleum gas and heavy hydrocarbons fractions. Unit of the 1st line has been implemented based on LENNIIHIMMASH design. Due to the changed operation conditions, the units do not ensure the specified market products output. Feasibility study has been carried out in order to select an optimal option of unit operation efficiency increase, and hence, hydrocarbons C3-4 recovery rate.

Work results

Priority actions, aimed at unit operation improvement, have been proposed, they comprised methanol injection package for avoiding of hydrate formation and ensuring of trouble-free operation of the units without unscheduled shutdowns.

When conducting feasibility study, the work was carried out in two directions:

  • Upgrade options that do not require construction of propane cooling unit or new booster compressors of natural or stripped gas (methane fraction). The options can be executed within short period of time, however in this case hydrocarbons C3-4 recovery rate increases from 37.3% to 48.2%;
  • Radical options that enable to get recovery rate C3-4 not less than 78% after the upgrade. Recommended in feasibility study and accepted by the Customer upgrade option with increase of pressure of processed natural gas to maximum allowable value based on durability of the equipment used ensures increase of hydrocarbons C3-4 recovery rate from 37.3% to 80%. In this case it is expected that reserves of dry stripped gas compressor park to be used for booster of natural gas.

For the option approved by the Customer development and approval of base case process schemes and development of basic engineering design of upgrade of the existing UPPBS-3 units of the 1st, 2nd, 5th lines were carried out.