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LLC SiburTyumenGaz

Customer LLC SiburTyumenGaz
Name of work item "Carrying out of process procedure expert reviews and other works on STP"
Types of works performed Consideration of issues and proposals for making changes to the process regulations. Approval and recommendations
Year 2017 - 2020

Brief work description:

The goal of works on approval of changes and additions to the process regulations performed under the contracts "Process procedure expert reviews and other works on STP" is to improve unit operation, bring the process mode standards into compliance with the actual values of process parameters, change the values of alarms and trips that ensure process safety and equipment uninterrupted operation.

The need to make changes is mainly related to the following:

  • changes in processed gas composition and, in this regard, changes in the parameters of optimal process management, the need for additional measures to prevent the pressure drop increase at the equipment, etc.;
  • desire to increase output by eliminating equipment downtime (installation of backup equipment);
  • changes to the requirements for quality of products produced (transition to the ethanized WLHF production);
  • Replacement and installation of additional (backup) equipment;
  • changes to applicable regulatory documents.

On a permanent contractual basis, LENNIIHIMMASH Group carries out process procedure expert reviews of gas processing plants and other works on STP for branches of JSC SiburTyumenGaz:

  • Yuzhno-Balyksky GPP;
  • Gubkinsky GPC;
  • Vyngapur GPP.

For the period from 2017 to 2019, 32 appeals were considered.

The result of the work on process procedure expert reviews is to ensure the efficient operation of units without violating the acceptable limits of process parameter changes.