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Reference >  LLC Sladkovsko-Zarechnoe, Orenburg

LLC Sladkovsko-Zarechnoe, Orenburg

Customer: LLC Sladkovsko-Zarechnoe, Orenburg
Name of work item: Development of a feasibility analysis for options of implementation of the project “Complex gas treatment unit (UKPG) with capacity of 2.2 bln. m3/year for the demands of LLC Sladkovsko-Zarechnoe"
Type of works performed: Feasibility analysis
Year: 2018

Brief work description:

The goal of feasability study development is process and technical-economic assessment of construction options of Complex gas treatment unit with capacity of 2.2 bln. m3/year for the demands of LLC Sladkovsko-Zarechnoe, and providing of recommendations on selection of optimal gas treatment for its supply to the network of PJSC GAZPROM and production of market products, such as heating oil and natural stable gas.

The feasability study covered three options for processing of associated petroleum gas, which differ in the number of facilities and equipment of the complex gas treatment unit, the yield of market products and dry stripped gas, capital expenditures and operating costs. Option No.1 is focused only on gas treatment for the possibility of its supply to the network of PJSC Gazprom at minimal cost, the other two options additionally provide a high recovery rate of target components by means of various ways (option No. 2 – the use of propane refrigeration unit , option No. 3 – adiabatic expansion of gas in the turbo expander).

Besides, two options for recovery of acid gas released during processing (production of sulfur or sodium hydrosulfide), which affect the technical and economic indicators of production, were considered.

The diagram with the main differences of APG processing options with production of dry stripped gas, heating oil and natural stable gas

Work result

Estimated recovery rates of target components Option #1 Option #2 Option #3
hydrocarbons C3+4 38,03 94,38 94,39
hydrocarbons C5+higher 79,76 100,0 99,98


The Complex Gas Treatment Unit is composed of the following facilities:

  • administration area facilities;
  • production area facilities
    1. receiving separator section;
    2. compression area facilities;
    3. Complex gas treatment unit area facilities:
      • APG desulphurization unit;
      • APG drying unit;
      • gas separation unit;
      • auxiliary gas treatment unit;
    4. acid gas recovery facilities;
  • warehouse facilities:
    1. storage and handling of heating oil;
    2. storage and handling of natural stable gas;
  • auxiliary support area facilities;
  • power supply area facilities;
  • water supply and sewerage area facilities.

Capital and operating costs as well as technical and economic indicators were determined for all options of complex gas treatment unit construction. Based on the analysis of the received results, the optimal option with a minimum payback period of construction was determined