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LLC Stavrolen

Customer LLC Stavrolen
Name of work item Retrofit of the cracking furnaces F1003, F1004, F1005, F1006 of ethylene plant of the LLC Stavrolen
Types of works performed Functioning as EPC-contractor
Year 2019

Work description:

Cracking furnace retrofit was carried out in order to increase the production capacity and, at the same time, to increase flexibility of feed stock being processed. This goal was achieved by installation of new three-row radiant coils of GK6 type at all furnaces, as well as by replacement of furnace side burners with new more efficient burners (while a number of the burners was almost halved).

The revamp scope included replacement of convection coils, lining, pipeline systems and construction metal structures. These technical solutions were part of the Basic design of the licensor Technip Benelux B. V. Besides, specialists of LENNIIHIMMASH Group, based on their own 3D model, developed and implemented technical solutions on replacement of additional elements of convection coils and furnace wall panels, that were not included in the Basic design scope.

Also within project execution, LENNIIHIMMASH Group carried out works, aimed at provision of cracking furnace operation: tieing in with the existing utility systems of the plant; development of the process diagram of fuel gas supply to new burners; functional testing of the existing flare systems and valves at the piping of furnaces; conformance assessment of new equipment with the environmental requirements.

Functions of LENNIIHIMMASH Group:

  • Functioning as EPC-contractor;
  • Adaptation of the Technip's Basic design to the Russian regulations;
  • Bringing licensor's technical solutions into line with the Russian standards in terms of protection systems for cracking furnaces;
  • Development of detailed documentation (RD stage) and vendor's documentation for new and revamped equipment, including passing the state expert reviews and getting the approvals;
  • Delivery of equipment and materials necessary for retrofit;
  • Execution of construction and installation works and provision of designer's supervision over construction;
  • Supervision of commissioning and start-up.

The achieved goals and project results:

  • Increase in production capacity for straight-run gasoline (naphtha) by 16%;
  • Increase in the production capacity for WFLH by 35%.