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LLC Stavrolen

Customer LLC Stavrolen
Work description Development of main technical solutions and technical and economic indicators to increase capacity of the stable gas condensate primary processing complex by 3.0 million tons per year
Year 2020

The work purpose is to develop initial data and optimal engineering and technical solutions for elimination of factors, limiting ethylene production capacity increase, to the extent sufficient for taking decisions on selection of an option of further engineering and estimating CAPEX for reconstruction.

The production is designed for processing gasoline and wide light hydrocarbon fractions (WLHF) with recovery of target products of ethylene, propylene and benzene.

Actual capacity in terms of the recovered products is a total of 350 KTA.

Three capacity increase options relative to the achieved actual capacity of up to 380, 430 and 450 KTA have been worked out. The work was carried out together with Technip company, which is a leading western licensor in the field of olefin recovery technology.

CAPEX calculation based on accuracy class 4 has been carried out for all capacity increase options.

Justification of an optimal selected capacity increase option has been done taking into account the replaced process equipment, process control systems and project implementation period.

Result: Report on survey and conceptual study on the facility “Petroleum hydrocarbons pyrolysis production, cracked gas purification, compression and separation No. EP-350” has been accepted by the Customer and will be used for production capacity increase justification.