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LLC TumenNIIgiprogaz

Customer LLC TumenNIIgiprogaz (LLC Gazprom proektirovanie)
Work description «Development of Senoman pool of Beregovoe gas-condensate field of ZAO Geotransgaz licensed site. Booster compressor station. Calculation of booster compressor station piping dynamic stability»
Types of works performed Technical report
Year 2017

General data on work

The subject of study in the technical report developed became the booster compress station piping of Beregovoe gas-condensate field. The booster compressor station is fitted with centrifugal compressor units 32ГЦ2-20/30-106 К.У1, as well as with separators and air cooler.

The report included the following tasks:

  • Numerical modeling of gas path and carrying out of acoustic, modal, harmonic and dynamic calculations of gas pressure fluctuations in the piping for determination of natural frequencies and modes of acoustic vibrations, frequency response range, dynamic pressure pulsations distribution in the piping under different operation conditions of the gas pumping unit and the booster compressor unit as a whole;
  • Evaluation of low-frequency and high-frequency self-oscillations of the piping under different operating conditions of the gas pumping units with the help of analytical calculation sets;
  • Assessment of dynamic stresses of acting pressure pulsations at the most loaded items of the piping;
  • Modeling of centrifugal compressor compression stage operation for one of the modes of gas pumping units in finite-element gasdynamic software environment ANSYS, in order to check inspection results on the basis of theoretical explanations and more visual representation of processes;
  • Development of recommendations on ensuring of dynamic stability of the gas pumping unit and booster compressor unit piping.

According to the contract, the work was carried out in one stage that involved comprehensive analysis of the data received with further mathematical modeling of dynamic processes, occurring with compressor and piping, and drawing up of the summary of the increased vibration causes detected and possible troubleshooting actions.

Selection and analysis of source data on compressor parameters was made, as well as comprehensive acoustic and gasdynamic calculations of piping system for the operating conditions under consideration were carried out within the report.