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PJSC "Kаzаnorgsintez"

Customer PJSC "Kazanorgsintez"
Name of work item "Reconstruction of ethylene plant workshops: revamp and retrofit of the existing production facilities"
Types of works performed: Functioning as the General designer, development of design and detailed documentation, getting approval of FAU "Glavgosexpertiza of Russia", partial delivery of process equipment, designer's supervision over construction
Year 2016 – 2020

Work description:

Revamp of the ethylene plant of PJSC Kazanorgsintez for the purpose of operational flexibility for processing of propane feed. Maintaining of the annual production capacity of high-purity ethylene with insufficient supply of ethane feed will be achieved by using propane feed (balancing feed).

Functions of LENNIIHIMMASH Group:

  • Development of design and detailed documentation, as well as documentation for the retrofit based on the basic design of Technip Company;
  • Passing of the Glavgosexpertiza of Russia (stage P) and the Industrial safety expert review (documentation for the retrofit);
  • Delivery of main process and auxiliary equipment.

As a result of the reconstruction, the following goals will be achieved:

  • Increase in output of finished products;
  • Diversification of the feed stock (increase of propane share in processing);
  • Improvement of stability and safety of production facilities. By means of replacement of obsolete and worn-out equipment of the units E-100; E-200; E-500;
  • Increase of production efficiency and reduction of production expenses;
  • Reduction of product cost.

Major technical and economic indicators:

  Before reconstruction After reconstruction
Propane 10% 30%
Ethane 62% 52%
Other fractions 28% 17%


Market products
  Before reconstruction After reconstruction
Ethylene 93% 86%
Propylene 7% 14%
Overall increase of market products +18,3%


Main process plants, units and equipment involved in the ethylene plant revamp project:

  • Four-cell cracking furnace – 1 pce. (it is possible to operate with both ethane and propane feed);
  • Column equipment – 3 pcs. (propane-propylene fraction splitter – 2 pcs., сondensate stripper – 1 pce.);
  • Electric motors – 3 pcs. (10 MW – 2 pcs., 13.5 MW – 1 pce.);
  • Cold box – 1 pce.
  • Pumps – 30 pcs. (centrifugal leak-proof ones – 16 pcs., centrifugal ones - 14 pcs.);
  • Pressure-reducing desuperheating station – 4 pcs. (in a modular design);
  • Heat exchangers – 43 pcs. (plate heat exchanger – 1 pce., shell-and-tube heat exchangers – 42 pcs.);
  • Air cooler – 12 pcs. (zig-zag ones – 6 pcs., horizontal ones – 6 pcs.);
  • Vessel equipment – 18 pcs. (2 pcs. in a modular design);
  • Chemical dosing units – 7 pcs. (in a modular design).