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Reference >  PJSC "KAZANORGSINTEZ", Kazan


Name of work item: Feasibility study for carbon dioxide production facility revamp to increase production capacity;
Type of works performed: Feasibility study;
Year: 2019 год

Brief work description:

The goal of the feasibility study was:

  • Development of initial data and measures to identify and eliminate limiting factors in the amount sufficient for implementation of design and detailed documentation for liquid carbon dioxide production facility revamp, carrying out of cost estimation of the measures to achieve efficiency for liquid carbon dioxide of 3600 kg/h;
  • Development of necessary (sufficient) modifications of carbon dioxide production units for eliminating bottlenecks in order to achieve the specified capacity;
  • Carrying out assessment of capital and operating costs.

The feasibility study for carbon dioxide production facility revamp was completed in two stages. During the first stage, the following was made: description of the existing liquid carbon dioxide production, analysis results of production simulation according to the parameters of operator’s logs, comparisons of the current parameters with the norms of the process regulations. Checking calculations of the main process equipment were performed based on the developed model of liquid carbon dioxide production for increased efficiency.

At the second stage of the feasibility study, design calculations of equipment for increased CO2 efficiency were performed, and decisions on the plot plan, power supply system, water supply, automation and communication systems, and other auxiliary systems were provided. The calculation of capital and operating costs for 2 revamp options was performed:

  • maximum revamp scope to ensure the reliability of the unit with maximum redundancy of equipment and replacement of equipment of sufficient efficiency in terms of the process, but which operation is getting closer to the end of the designated service life.
  • replacement of only minimum necessary equipment required by the process (without fully redundancy of the equipment and replacement of the worn-out one).

The work was completed on time according to the calendar plan of the project. All target goals were successfully achieved.