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PJSC NK RussNeft

Customer: PJSC NK RussNeft
Name of work item: Feasibility study for construction of APG processing complex at Varioganskoye field;
Type of works performed: Feasibility analysis;
Year: 2019

Brief work description:

The purpose of feasability study development is process and technical-economic assessment of options for construction of APG processing complex for several capacity options (550 -1000 million m3/year) with production of market products – dry stripped gas, heating oil and natural stable gas. An additional market product is isopentane-pentane fraction.

The complex is planned to receive a mixture of gases from six fields. Feed gas composition at the GPP inlet depends on the composition and flow rates of gas streams coming from the fields, and changes over the years of complex operation.

Complex capacity in terms of feed stock (associated petroleum gas) is considered in two options:

  • 550 million m3/year for entire operation period starting 2021. (one process line);
  • 550 million m3/year starting 2021 with further expansion to 1000 million m3/ year starting 2026. (one process line with the construction of a second line by 2026).

The rated capacity of the process line is 500 million m3/year, the capacity fluctuations range is 85-115%.

The feasability study covered three options for processing associated petroleum gas, which differ in the number of facilities and equipment of the complex, the yield of market products and dry stripped gas, capital expenditures and operating costs. Option No.1 involves usage of low-temperature separation method (without usage of a propane refrigeration unit and a turbo expander), the other two options additionally provide a high recovery rate of target components by means of various ways (option No. 2 – the usage of a propane refrigeration unit, option No. 3 – adiabatic expansion of gas in the turbo expander).

Work result

The estimated recovery rates of target components for the considered options were:

Estimated recovery rates of target components, % wt. Option #1 Option #2 Option #3
hydrocarbons C3+ higher, not less 60,79 95,16 96,56
hydrocarbons C3+4 52,58 93,88 95,78
hydrocarbons C5+ higher 95,97 100,00 99,99

The complex is composed of the following facilities

  • production area facilities:
    1. receiving separator unit;
    2. compressor station;
    3. APG drying unit;
    4. gas separation unit;
    5. propane refrigeration cycle unit;
    6. turbo expanding assembly;
    7. auxiliary gas treatment unit;
    8. circulation and heating system;
    9. glycol thermal fluid circulation and heating system;
    10. flare unit.
  • pressurized LPG and HFL warehouse facilities:
    1. storage and handling of LPG;
    2. storage and handling of HFL.
  • auxiliary support area facilities;
  • power supply area facilities;
  • water supply and sewerage area facilities;
  • Linear facilities:
    1. Dry stripped gas pipeline with associated infrastructure.

The scope of work included: selection of associated petroleum gas processing technology, analysis of products consumers, calculation of the cost of various options for construction of process, power (site) and linear facilities of the complex. The work was completed on time according to the calendar plan of the project.

Capital and operating costs as well as technical and economic indicators were determined for all options of complex construction. Based on the analysis of the received results, the option with a minimum payback period of construction was determined.

A. S. Permyakov, the Vice-President of PJSC NK RussNeft, expressed his gratitude to LENNIIHIMMASH Group for a highly professional approach to work at all project execution stages.